Barbara Werner
Therapy & coaching for consciousness
Self-awareness journeys
Speaker / Author / Human being

Barbara Werner
ipl. Complementary Therapist
Dipl. Craniosacral Therapist
Dipl. Shiatsu-Therapist
Dipl. Physiotherapist FH

Marktgasse 42
CH-8400 Winterthur
+41 79 814 76 93


CD «Mit Progressiver Muskelrelaxation in den Flow»
A Classic !

Audio sample (in German) & order

Released energyflow changes the way one feels ,
integrating body, mind and soul
I am committed to the free flow of energy in the human body. In my practice in the old town of Winterthur, I mainly work with craniosacral therapy and, if necessary, incorporate elements from shiatsu and physiotherapy. It is very important to me to create space for self-awareness, self-healing and relaxation on a deeper level. This maxim from my work and 20 years of experience flows into my relaxation CD "With Progressive Muscle Relaxation in the Flow". The Bodyscan, the directing of undivided attention to the body, breathing and relaxation exercises are basic elements of this CD and the relaxation technique "Progressive Muscle Relaxation by Jacobson" (PMR). Furthermore, I see my work as a contribution to the promotion of a holistic understanding of health in our society, in my own practice and also in public through various channels. My conclusion: Our health, the supreme good in life, needs more care, attentiveness and a focus on the subtle. Complementary therapy sees recovery and personality development as a process , that depends on individual factors and encompasses the interaction of body, mind and soul. My tip: Visit my blog about "Your immediate access to your own felt sense".