Barbara Werner
Therapy & coaching for consciousness
Self-awareness journeys
Speaker / Author / Human being

Barbara Werner
ipl. Complementary Therapist
Dipl. Craniosacral Therapist
Dipl. Shiatsu-Therapist
Dipl. Physiotherapist FH

Marktgasse 42
CH-8400 Winterthur
+41 79 814 76 93

Textabstand Relaxation
About the origin of Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR)


I work with the following body-oriented approaches:
  • Progressive muscle relaxation by Jacobson (PMR)
  • body awareness and bodyscanning
  • releasing movements and soft stretches
  • breathing und relaxation exercises
  • self-awareness and self-reflection
  • dealing with the issue “tension and relaxation in your own life”
  • building up resources and finding better ways of dealing with stressg

When is relaxation helpful?

tension, stress, tiredness, exhaustion, crisis, psychosomatic problems, disorder in your vegetative system, anxiety, depression, chronic pains, headache, migraine, backpains...

From experiencing deep relaxation to discovering the importance of relaxation in your daily life.

CD « Mit Progressiver Muskelrelaxation in den Flow»

Textabstand Selbstwahrnehmungsreisen für Entschleunigung und bewusstes Entspannen zu Hause und unterwegs. Hörprobe und Bestellung hier.